Ja Morant is the biggest story in the entire NBA right now, and it is for all of the wrong reasons. Overall, Morant is one of the best players in the entire NBA. However, his recent behavior has been pretty abhorrent. Over the past week or so, Morant has been the subject of numerous allegations that most have to do with a threatening nature. Moreover, on the weekend, Morant was seen in a Colorado establishment brandishing a gun. He did this while on Instagram Live, which is obviously a terrible idea.

Consequently, Morant has received a ton of backlash for his actions. In fact, he was even suspended indefinitely. There is no telling whether or not he will come back this season. Overall, this creates a huge issue for the Memphis Grizzlies, who need him in order to succeed. Furthermore, the team is hoping for him to improve his behavior, as they cannot have this happen again. After all, Morant is a young superstar who could very well throw his life away if he continues down this path.

Ja Morant On IG Live

According to TMZ, things are going from bad to worse for Morant. This is because the Glendale Police Department in Colorado now wants to investigate Morant for his night out. At the time of writing this, there are very few details in regard to the investigation. However, the Glendale Police Department is still doing its due diligence. Having a gun out in a public place isn’t exactly lowkey behavior, and Glendale wants to make sure that nothing else took place that night. Either way, it is a bad look for Ja and the Memphis Grizzlies organization as a whole.

Morant has apologized and taken accountability for his actions, which is certainly a good sign. He said that he is seeking help and that he wants to find better ways to handle stress. Overall, it will not be an easy road for Ja, however, it is a necessary one for him to go down. This is a developing story, so be sure to keep it locked to HNHH for the latest news and updates.