As far as dating apps go, Tinder is not the new or exciting option it once was. However, it still boasts the largest user base among mobile-only dating apps, and is still used frequently worldwide. With so many users, it’s no surprise that there is a premium tier that some of its users have been using to cut through the clutter of the mouth-breathing proletariat. It’s called “Tinder Select.”

According to a report from TechCrunch, Tinder Select works as an invite-only version of the app, with different colors (blue instead of orange) and a much smaller group of people. How you get invited is a mystery, but insiders guess that it has to do with a mix of fame, attractiveness and money. Most of the users are CEOs, models and other in the same vein. Users of Tinder Select can always toggle an option that lets them re-enter normal human dating society when ever they want.

Tinder isn’t the only premium, private mobile dating app out there. Raya has been around for a couple of years as a private community for people who are internet/real-life famous and/or work in the creative industry.

Tinder didn’t respond to TechCrunch’s questions about the secret option. It’s a long shot, but has anyone on HNHH ever been invited to Tinder Select?


There’s A Secret Version Of Tinder For The Most Popular Tinder Users