Yo Gutta represents “Texas” on his new track.

BYTrevor Smith
Texasblur mask

Yo Gutta's "Texas" lives up to its name with a traditionally Houston-inspired sound. With one foot firmly planted in Southern rap history, Gutta has enough energy and sub-bass rattle to kick it with the new generation as well. 

"People have been clinging to my music so much over the years because I can really spit," Yo Gutta says in his bio. "I switch up my styles. There’s no telling how I come off when I jump on a track. I might rap fast. I might rap slow or I just my flip my words at a mile a minute. They never know what to expect."

Hailing from Arlington, Gutta seems to be making some noise in his immediate region. Listen to more of his music on his official SoundCloud page.


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