Back with another tape full of exclusives, DJ Nick got Maxo Kream and A$AP Ant on “My Triggas,” a song about loyalty to your friends. Coincidentally, DJ Nick and A$AP Ant are both members of Marino Gang Records and have collaborated on several projects in the past.

On “My Triggas,” the artists talk about having their friends’ backs. The Pluto Nash-produced track features a minimal beat with bells, bass and a few claps. Maxo Kream and A$AP Ant spit for a quick two minutes. They make you wish the song was a little longer.

Listen to “My Triggas” right here.

Quotable Lyrics

Skate like Wayne Gretzky
Niggas can’t catch me
Goodfella Joe Pesci
Shorty eat me like a Nestle
All about the fatty
Provolone guap

— A$AP Ant