Red Pill

Listen to “Red Pill,” a futuristic record that makes good on its Matrix reference.

BYTrevor Smith
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Whatever Mike Is..'s "Red Pill" is built off of a futuristic beat that sounds like Mike WiLL Made It as his most experimental. Mike applies a stylish Midwest flow to the beat, finding the perfect pocket between the industrial bleeps and resounding sub bass (courtesy of 1kLowKey). Mike shares some politically-charged verses, and ties it all together with a hook that makes sure it's primed for the car.

Read what he writes of himself below.

"Whatever Mike artist from the Midwest who possesses a Kanye/Tupac inspired style, while also giving you a punk rock feel that he naturally throws off. In his song "Red Pill", an edgy/moody banger, Mike addresses the problems in Amerikkka today. Be on the lookout for more from him and his squad "WE THE CULTURE!" coming soon."

Quotable Lyrics:
I'm young and black
Numb to the world, they don't love me back
They killin' our leaders, one by one
Will they ever free us?

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