Listen to TreCartel’s TrenchLord B collaboration “Wifey.”

BYTrevor Smith
Wifeyblur mask

Nard and B are one of the best production teams in the business, but also one of the most underrated. On TreCartel's "Wifey," TrenchLord B (the B in Nard & B) co-produces with Oakleaf, providing an instrumental that builds on the unique synth textures the duo is known to use. Tre keeps an understated flow throughout, finding an unassuming pocket of the beat that allows him to become just one more moving piece of the shape-shifting instrumental. Now in Atlanta, but at one point based in Germany, Tre has a unique cadence that helps him stand out in the over-crowded world of ATL trap. Listen to more of his music on SoundCloud.

Quotable Lyrics:

Rebel at heart, minding my own
Shawty you trippin', so don't hit my phone
Don't need the stress when I'm out in my zone
Money be wifey, so please play your role

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