Rico Watts is an up-and-coming rapper out of Montreal, Quebec. His new track, “Freedom,” is an introduction to his experimental, freeform style. LARUE and Adel Kazi create a shapeshifting tapestry of synth sounds, creating a hypnotic and dizzying haze anchored by some rock-influenced drum sounds. With that being said, Rico’s vocals may be the least predictable aspect of the record, as he croons, moans, and subtly harmonizes throughout. His lead and backing vocal lines duel, criss cross and shift focus as he goes, adding to the ambient atmosphere of the track.

You can find more of Rico’s music on his official SoundCloud account.

Quotable Lyrics:
I know you don’t really wanna stay here
I know you wanna go back to where you came from
That’s outer space
‘Cause baby, you hate home