Ab-Soul Explains “DWTW” Album Cover

Here’s why Ab-Soul took off his trademark glasses for the cover of his new album.

BYDanny Schwartz
Ab-Soul Explains “DWTW” Album Cover

Ab-Soul suffers from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a condition that makes his eyes hypersensitive to light. His dark sunglasses are his most recognizable feature, and he removed them publicly for one of the first times ever on the cover of his new album DWTW. He spoke to HNHH about the inspiration behind the album cover. 

"With the light sensitivity, I knew it would be difficult," he said. "But I was up the challenge. I knew that it was something that the people wanted to see from me. I like to bare it all. I'm very honest. I think this album kinda called for that type of sincerity."

"You know, I'm a happy guy," he said, smiling. "But the tone of the album, you can get that from it. I think that that cover is a proper depiction of... the tone of the album. It's the grey area."

Watch Soul's interview below.


Ab-Soul Explains "DWTW" Album Cover
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