After hitting us with a loose record, “Reporting From The Slums,” today Method Man rolls out a cut that will appear on his forthcoming project, The Meth Lab. “Straight Gutta” definitely steps it up a notch from the previous leak, and gives us a taste of what to expect from Meth Lab. Sounds like Meth will be sticking with the gritty, New York sound, rather than hopping on rap trends. Probably a good thing for his fans.

“Straight Gutta” is a sufficiently old school record, with a bit of boom bap and a touch of a soul thanks to the vocal sample. “The song isn’t an attack, but a warning – after almost ten years, Wu Tang’s finest is back on top and he’s still one of the illest lyricists in the game,” the SoundCloud description reads.

Stay tuned for The Meth Lab on August 21st.

Quotable Lyrics

We getting beaucoup scrilla
My brothers on they grind
Not another Columbine, call me New School Killa
Scoop of French Vanilla, brought a deuce-deuce with her