On his latest loose cut “Lapped,” Russ examines own rise to fame (or lack thereof) over a sumptuous flute and sax sample. This beat sounds like it was made in ’02. Russ produced it himself as he does with many of his joints, or as he raps, “going crescendo off my own instrumentals.”

Russ talks about artistic accountability and his desire to rise slow rather than rise quick, so that the trust he builds with his audience is more enduring. “I’ll be patient for my entrance,” he says.

Russ lyricism is on point and his comfort as an underground underdog is admirable, but would it hurt if the dude tried to produce himself a hit single??

Quotable Lyrics

This is that no excuses 
Make a movement or get lapped 
I couldn’t do a 9-5 I felt like that was just a trap 
I’m not racing round with rats for a little piece of cheese 
Imma build my own factory, retire at 33