F.H.I.T.O. (Remix)

Tha Joker recruits RiFF RAFF and K Camp for the remix to “F.H.I.T.O.”

BYTrevor Smith
F.H.I.T.O. (Remix)blur mask

Strangely, Tha Joker has decided to go back to his 2012 track, "F.H.I.T.O." (which stands for Fuck How It Turn Out), giving it a does of 2015 energy with some additional features. On board are two rappers that just came off of big years -- RiFF RAFF, who recently released his debut album NEON iCON, and K Camp, who was involved with three of the biggest rap radio records of the year, being "Made Me", Money Baby", and "Cut Her Off".

The three make a pretty unstoppable team, each bringing their most energetic flows to the table, breathing new life into a record that probably didn't take off the way it should've.

Quotable Lyrics:
High rise condo, she's a naked chef
I got a low attention span for you man-refs
I got a low self esteem, so I'm gettin' high
I just lied, I'm so cocky, I got Versace pride

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