Coming off a Mac Miller co-sign, Njomza releases “Hear Me,” the second track off her upcoming EP Sad For You. Backed by lush synth arpeggios and reverberated guitar chords, Njomza`s indie flavored vocals are sure to please fans of the modern eighties. Papi Beatz showcases a careful ear for arranging, choosing a meticulous selection of analog sounds to complete the aesthetic. With a vibe at once wistful and and self-assured, Njomza establishes her versatility, flexing her pop sensibilities with a radio friendly refrain. 

Sad For You is scheduled for wide release on April 7th, via Mac Miller’s Remember Imprint. 

Quotable Lyrics

You fell in a black hole and you never came up, never came up
It felt just like home, now I’m yelling come back, yelling come back
Can you hear me?