Allen Iverson’s Reebok Answer IV is one of the all-time classic basketball sneakers and arguably his greatest Reebok sneaker ever. The kicks were retro’d not long ago in 2013, but that isn’t going to stop Reebok from bringing them back once again in the near future.

According to reports, Reebok executive Todd Krinsky recently announced that Iverson’s fourth signature sneaker, the shoe that he wore when he captured the NBA MVP award, is making a come back. The announcement was made over the weekend as Reebok celebrated Iverson’s Hall Of Fame induction, as well as the 20th anniversary of the Reebok Question, with a takeover of the Union Square FitHub in NYC. 

It wasn’t made clear which colorways of the Answer IV would be returning but here’s to hoping the classic black pair, the white/black, white/red, white/navy… hell, here’s to hoping they just bring ’em all back, and then some.

Answer IV

The Reebok Answer IV Is Making A Return