Zion I, Locksmith, & Okwerdz Chop It Up In A Bay Area Cypher

Zion I, Locksmith, Okwerdz, and others cypher it up in Sacramento for the Freestyle Vault.

BYDanny Schwartz
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Hailing from the city of Stockton, CA, Okwerdz has carved out a name for himself as a talented freestyler. He's been putting out twice-a-month Freestyle Vaults featuring a variety of other rappers for a while now. He just dropped Freestyle Vault number 18, featuring Kev Choice, Los Rakas (who raps in Spanglish), Locksmith, and most notably, Zumbi from Zion I. Everyone here is from the Bay Area, which makes sense because the Bay might be the most provincial region in the whole country. Here they find time to cypher down the road in the great city of Sacramento. 

If you're feeling Okwerdz's Stockton flow, be sure to check out his Freestyle Vault with the highly underrated King Los.


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