Earlier today, 50 Cent announced the new release date for his official fifth studio album Street King Immortal which is dropping February 26th.  Turns out Fif had an ulterior motive behind not letting the album get pushed back any further than February, as that month marks the 10 year anniversary of his seminal classic Get Rich Or Die Trying.  Sitting down with MTV, Fifty talks about fans comparing his latest album to his first, and urges them to judge the two works separately. 

Curtis Jackson shook up the hip hop landscape when he dropped his first album which was laced with a number of banging hits and catapulted him into rap royalty.  To commemorate a decade of officially being in the biz, the G-Unit general did not want his already delayed SKI to be released later than February which is the same month his first LP dropped, "February, definitely; I don't want to miss that so it won't go past February."

Since he has dropped one of the most classic albums of all-time, fans and critics alike are always comparing his new tracks to the ones he dropped a decade ago.  While Fif enjoys fans embracing his previous work he wants them to look at the albums separately.  Giving advice to listeners he says, "Hold me to the greater quality...Don't hold me to the exact content, don't hold me to the production, don't play both albums next to each other and say, 'Which track do I like better?' "

Having been in the rap game for awhile now, 50 considers himself “seasoned” and wants fans to look at his change and growth as an artist over the decade since the release of Get Rich, "Just listen to the actual project itself and you'll see the growth and how I'm seasoned,” pointing out to fans, “I'm 10 years in now. I'm not under any circumstances in a position that I'm not comfortable or able to function in any area of entertainment at this point."