Promoting Season 2 of "Power" (which premiered tonight on Starz), 50 Cent took to the show's Facebook page for a lively Q&A session with the fans. It was a jocular affair as 50's trademark humor was on display throughout, and the biggest news to come out of it was that, when asked if he had any new singles coming out in the near future, he said: "im getting ready to drop something right now." 50's Street King Immortal is slated for release in September.

50 serves as Power's executive producer and stars as grizzled drug-dealing veteran Kanan. He told fans he's hoping to work out a film adaptation of the show with Lionsgate. When asked about his perceived shift from music to business and acting, he reassured fans that he is committed to the music and "only works on projects [he's] passionate about.

Watch the Power Season 2 trailer here and check out excerpts from the Facebook Q&A below. Read the whole thing here.

[via Complex]