The NBA's salary cap jumped from $70 million to roughly $94 million this offseason and with teams forced to pay a minimum salary of 90% of the cap, players across the league are reaping the benefits.

Free agents across the league have been signing massive deals, including Memphis point guard Mike Conley, who inked the largest contract in NBA history- 5 years, $153 million. Conley is a nice player, but he's never made an All-Star team and the Grizzlies have only made it past the second round of the playoffs once in his 9-year tenure.

That said, Conley is far from the only player that has benefitted from the bloated cap this offseason.

Timofey Mozgov got a 4-year $64 million deal.

Evan Turner inked a contract worth $70 million.

Nick Batum signed for $120 MILLION!

Additionally, there are a handful of guys that you probably wouldn't be able to pick out of a lineup that will be making upwards of $45 million thanks to the new player-friendly contracts. Guys that literally averaged under five points and a few rebounds per game are slated to make nearly twice as much as Larry Bird ever made during his entire NBA career.

In total, more than $3 billion was spent during the NBA's free agency, and nobody was more happy than these five, largely unknown players who, whether they're worth it or not, are getting PAID over the next couple of years.