Charles Oakley Gets One-Year Ban From Madison Square Garden

Charles Oakley has been barred.

BYMatt F
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Former NBA player Charles Oakley has officially been banned from the home of the New York Knicks.

According to Complexthe former frontcourt bruiser received a one year ban from Madison Square Garden after being removed from the venue and arrested after he became highly belligerent with the staff. As a result of complying with this decision, charges of assault, harassment, and trespassing will now be dismissed. 

At the time, the Knicks responded to the incident by calling his actions "inappropriate" and "abusive." They also said that they hope he'd "get some help" as soon as possible. Oakley's focus is supposedly on moving on from the blow-up as quickly as possible.

Check out a video of the altercation involving Oakley below.

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