It’s been a while since we got an update on the gun possession case that Jeezy plead “not guilty” to back in September, but now, the CTE rapper case breathe easy once again. TMZ reports that the illegal weapons charges were thrown out this morning by the Orange County D.A. who was handling the case, with the court unable to find substantial evidence to proceed.

Basically, Jeezy and five others were arrested for illegal possession of two AK-47s, but it was later revealed that the rapper’s security chief had purchased the weapons legally. In addition to that, the chief was in the hospital when the shooting in question occurred, and DNA evidence has proven that none of the six men arrested had even touched the guns in question. As TMZ reports, “All 6 had their money, jewelry, clothing and other personal items seized, even though it had nothing to do with the alleged offense.”

The gossip site reached out to Jeezy for a comment: “I pray this had nothing to do with race but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence. I knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts. I’m relieved that the truth has prevailed.”