Shaq has played with some truly incredible players over the course of his career. During his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, he got to play with Kobe Bryant, and while in Miami, he played with Dwyane Wade. You also can’t forget the fact that he played with LeBron James for a brief period of time in Cleveland.

That said, Shaq is certainly qualified to speak on which players are better than others, especially if he has played with them. Of course, his opinion can most certainly be biased, which leads to hot takes that will raise a few eyebrows. In fact, this recently happened as the legendary NBA player was on an episode of Drink Champs.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation

As you can see in the clip down below, Shaq was asked who he would pick between Penny Hardaway and Kyrie Irving. Shaq was Penny’s teammate on the Orlando Magic, and in the end, the big man decided to go with Hardaway. For Shaq, it was an easy answer, saying “Penny Hardaway, stop it… stop it.”

If you were to stack up Kyrie and Hardaway’s numbers, it’s clear that Kyrie has had a better career. However, when you consider Kyrie’s behavior and absences, it is easy to see why Shaq would take someone like Hardaway, who always made an effort to be present.

This is going to cause some debate, so let us know if you agree with Shaq, in the comments down below.