Hitkidd & Enchanting Team Up On "Kater To Me"

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Hitkidd & Enchanting "Kater To Me" Cover ArtHitkidd & Enchanting "Kater To Me" Cover Art
Hitkidd made Enchanting a beat that greatly fit her light and soothing voice.

HitKidd and Enchanting have proven to be talented individuals separately, but now they've combined their skills. Enchanting's distinct voice and vulgar bars paired with Hitkidd's unmatched, bass-thumping beats allowed them to create something unique.

On Friday (September 30), the two released their newest single, "Kater To Me." The three-minute record started off silent but quickly increased with a suspicious tone followed by an upbeat tempo-- matching Enchanting's voice superbly.

It didn't take long for the rapstress to start going in once the beat picked up. "I'm a trapper, a rapper, a b*tch smasher/You still f*cking h*es that be selling they plasma," she spat.

Additionally, Enchanting released visuals to accompany the record. The video featured the artist in several neon-lit locations rapping the song energetically.

Watch the video and stream the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
It's always a mad h*e on my page
B*tches working so hard for that minimum wage
Rain, sleet, snow, b*tch, I'm still getting paid
I skate any beat I get, on Cascade

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