While we wait on new developments in Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting, with the suspect Jimmy Winfrey currently behind bars and awaiting trail, Young Thug confirms straight-up that he did not try to have Weezy F killed in a new interview with GQ.

The rapper, who recently released his Slime Season mixtape and is working on his debut, had a Q&A with GQ where he was asked flat-out, “Did you try to have Lil Wayne killed?” His response: “fuck no.”

Although Wayne is Thug’s idol, the two have had a precarious relationship, with a few disses back and forth. It’s a bit unclear where they stand currently, but it does seem like Weezy does not return Thug’s passion for him.

When asked if that bothers him, Thug replied, “Maybe if I was a peasant it would. But of course it bothers me some, because that’s what I always wanted. It was so weird: I always wanted to be in the studio with Wayne. I would tell Birdman to bring him over, but he never fucking came.”

During the GQ interview Thugger also gave a sentence about the Drake/Meek Mill drama, not really even acknowledging Meek: “Tough month for Drake, tough life for the other guy.”

Finally, he spoke on one of his most controversial oddities, the fact that he wears women’s clothings. Why does he do it? “Because women’s clothes are [slimmer] than men’s clothes. The jeans I got on right now, they’re women’s jeans. But they fit how they’re supposed to fit. Like a rock star. The only thing I probably have in men’s is, like, briefs. T-shirts. Ninety percent of my clothes are women’s.”

He says he started doing this when he was just 12-years old. “When I was 12 or some shit, started gambling, getting my own money. My dad wouldn’t buy me tight pants. I had to get my own money to buy them.”