Slim Jesus, a scrawny 19-year old white rapper from Hamilton, Ohio, took the internet by storm a few weeks back when he released “Drill Time,” a video that finds him flaunting guns, promoting street violence, & even referencing killing people. Since the release of this awkward video (which you can watch here), Slim Jesus has been the topic of several conversations across the industry, and earlier this week The Game, someone who knows a thing or two ‘bout that lifestyle, was asked to his voice his opinion on the new rapper.

Speaking briefly with Complex, The Game says he original thought Slim Jesus was cool & dope. He says “I thought it was dope. I was like, ‘Shit, there’s a White boy with fucking guns and he’s ready to fucking kill shit.”

However, once The Game found out Slim Jesus wasn’t really about that lifestyle, as he explained to Vlad TV in a following interview, his opinion of him quickly changed. The Game says he worries that video might come back to haunt him.

“I think that Slim Jesus either really better be fucking killing or he’s gonna get his ass smoked,” The Game says. “I worry about kids these days rapping about things that they’re not really about.”

Later, The Game went on to say that Slim’s in a tricky situation that could turn south. The game advises when playing those type of games in the streets, lives could be lost, so tread lightly.

“Sometimes I think it’s sad because lives can be lost when playing those games,” The Game says. “Be careful, Slim Jesus.”

Watch the brief interview below.



The Game Advices Slim Jesus To Be Careful; Says "He's Gonna Get His Ass Smoked”