Mike Jones Responds To Hilarious Viral Video

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Mike Jones
A funny video of a man reciting Mike Jones lyrics has gone viral.

We haven't heard from Mike Jones in years but on Thursday morning, the classic Houston-based rapper was trending on social media because of a new viral video. In the clip, TikToker Israel Padilla asks random people how they got out of the hood. As two people were answering the question, a white man approached and asked what was going on.

"Stack your shit, bro," explained a woman, advising against partying with friends (as she held an alcoholic beverage in her hand).

"What you got? What's the question?" curiously asked the man who walked up. Upon hearing that he was being quizzed on how to leave the hood, he said, "I don't know, I didn't grow up there. I'm down [to come to the hood] like, I like Mike Jones, fucking, I'll get down." He then proceeded to recite the lyrics from 2004's "Still Tippin'" with Paul Wall and Slim Thug.

The two people that were answering were clearly feeling his energy, hyping him up as he continued to sing the lyrics. 

In the caption, Israel Padilla joked that he "he ended racism" with his lyrical display. 

As people continue to react to the funny video, "Mike Jones" started trending on social media. The rapper seems to be a fan of the clip, retweeting it to his own page a few moments ago.

"Wow this Crazy! @xxl Can somebody find the dude that spit my verse , & have em DM me," asked Mike Jones on IG. "Gotta show em love on LIVE or something , cuz that was [100] & came out of no where!! let’s me kno and hopefully let y’all kno , that real music can’t & wont die!"

Check it out below.

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