Starz has another successful show under their belts, thanks to 50 Cent. BMF has gained similar praise to shows like Power since his made its debut this fall. The story follows the tales of Big Meech and Southwest T as they grew the Black Mafia Family into a national enterprise from their beginnings as the 50 Boyz. Lamar, this show’s main antagonist, became a fan favorite since his introduction but it was one scene in season one episode 6 that fans have been raving about. 

Lamar’s eerie rendition of Loose Ends’ 1985 hit “You Can’t Stop the Rain” during the latest episode sparked a parody trend on TikTok. Hoever, YN Jay has taken a step further and created a whole song loosely inspired by the scene, aptly titled, “Lamar (You Can’t Stop The Rain).”

Check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics
All you gotta do is cut his water off
N***a broke as hell, can’t pay the bills
Then cut his water off
Bitch got some ass shots, I sit back and wonder, ‘is it hard or soft?’