Kobe and Gianna Bryant passed away on January 26th of 2020, which means that in just five days, it will be the one-year anniversary of their passing. It’s been a rough year for all of the families involved, as well as friends, teammates, and fans who got to experience Kobe’s greatness over the years. Tributes have poured in over the last 365 days and with the one-year anniversary upon us, it seems as though many are coming out with some kind words to remember Kobe by.

Kobe’s most prolific teammate, Shaquille O’Neal, was on the Today Show recently, where he gave his thoughts on Kobe and how he still remembers him every single day. As you can imagine, Shaq was quite emotional while speaking about his teammate, all while explaining just how great of a duo they were.

Shaq Speaks On Kobe Bryant Almost One Year After His Passing
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“That’s why I would say, we were the most dominant one, two points ever created. Enigmatic, controversial, having fun and there never will be another like us,” Shaq said “You know, it’s still kind of hard. [I] redid my living room, redid my gym. His picture is up on the wall. He was already a legend,” O’Neal added. “He was already a guy that will never be forgotten, but he was definitely, definitely gone too soon.”

While Shaq and Kobe had a complicated relationship, it’s clear they had a lot of love for each other, and over the last few years, they were able to patch things up. Over the coming days, we will certainly see an abundance of Kobe tributes, and we’re sure Shaq will continue to be part of those conversations.

Shaq Speaks On Kobe Bryant Almost One Year After His Passing
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