Yesterday afternoon, a homeless man was shot and killed following a heated confrontation with Orange County Sheriff’s deputies in San Celemente, California.

The deputies were called to the scene after numerous complaints that a homeless man was walking out into traffic and disrupting vehicles. Witnesses reported that “cars honked and swerved to avoid hitting” the man. 

Eyewitness video shows the homeless man clearly agitated, yelling at the deputies to back up and refrain from touching him. One officer is seen repeatedly grabbing at the man’s shirt despite him putting his hands up and backing away. Suddenly, there is a brief scuffle and they are then seen tackling him to the ground.

The video shows the homeless man on top of one deputy, with the other on top of the man. They are seen desperately struggling on the ground and one deputy yells out, “he’s got my gun.” Seconds later, two shots ring out.

The video cuts off and jumps to the sound of approaching sirens and the deputies performing CPR on the man. He was pronounced dead at thee scene.

The news is unlikely to assuage rising tensions over widespread police brutality. Earlier this week, police in Utah shot an autistic 13 year-old earlier while a protester in Louisville was taken into custody last night after opening fire on two police officers