After becoming an international superstar following her lead role opposite Mo’Nique in 2009’s Precious, Gabourey Sidibe’s career has been on the climb. She’s gone on to star in The Big C, American Horror Story, Empireand the recently released film also starring Janelle Monáe, Antebellum. As praised as she is for her roles, Gabby Sidibe has also absorbed criticism in pop culture due to her size, but she’s often spoken out about loving herself as she is, regardless of the opinion of strangers.

Last year, news began to circulate that Gabourey Sidibe had begun a romance with branding expert Brandon Frankel, and currently, the couple is quarantining together amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Sidibe recently sat down with The Daily Beast and revealed that she was able to lock down her new man after she made a resolution, a “dumb thing I did for myself,” as the actress calls it: She promised herself she would be meaner to men.

“I was not going to care what they wanted from me. I was never going to offer them anything. I would not cook for men or take care of men, Sidibe told the outlet. “And then very quickly after that I had a boyfriend.” Some women are questioning the actress’s comments as they disagree with her approach, while many others have openly declared on social media that they want to follow in her footsteps.