RiFF RAFF & Yelawolf Go Eighties On "TiP TOE 4"

RiFF RAFF and Yelawolf take it back to the eighties with a synth-wave banger, the night-drive friendly "TiP TOE 4."

BYMitch Findlay
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Jody HighrollerJody Highroller

RiFF RAFF has always been one to march to the beat of his own drum, and his latest single "TiP TOE" is further proof that he's simply following whatever path his creative mind lays before him. And sometimes, the destination is truly unexpected, as is the case on his brand new Yelawolf duet. For one, it immediately harkens back to a simpler time -- the eighties -- when the synthesizers were all the rage and the night drive soundtracks were never more immersive. It may not be what hip-hop heads are hoping for, but damned if it isn't an original direction.

Lyrically, RiFF RAFF slides over the synth-wave with exactly what you'd expect, with depictions of his exuberant wardrobe and fondness for jewelry. "Tip-toeing through the jewelry store, Christian Dior mink draggin' to the floor," he sings, sounding straight out of a movie scene where the protagonist runs with a purpose. "I don't really care about money anymore."  Though he opts to fully commit to a more melodic delivery, Yelawolf does keep things a little more grounded, whipping up a slick flow lined with imagery from his come-up.

If not for anything, "TiP TOE 4" is an interesting release, probably unlike anything you'll hear today -- check it out for yourself now, and sound off.


Tip-toe, tip-toe, spinnin' the big role
Ain't no penny flippin', city stickin', I hit those
Went from takin' sacks and trappin' down at the Citco
To flippin' tickets to bitches flashin' on front rows

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