Kanye West once said that he “borderline likes being sued,” though it seems like those words haunt him more frequently these days. According to TMZ, the presidential candidate is being sued by a black-owned media company called MyChannel Inc. that specializes in video and e-commerce tech. Unfortunately, the company is now claiming that Kanye West used them to steal their technology and make millions off of Sunday Service.

Kanye West Accused Of Stealing Tech For Sunday Service In $20M Lawsuit
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

MyChannel Inc. said that they joined forces with Kanye West in Spring 2018 in an effort to boost revenues for the Yeezy brand. They said they work persistently for him over the course of six months on the promise of a $10M investment. With an estimation of 10,000 man-hours put into the project, along with $7M they invested into the Yeezy project, they said they made sacrifices — including relocating twice — to uphold their end of the bargain.

Following the six month run, MYC said that Kanye West cut their partnership entirely and took confidential technology in order to make bank off of Sunday Service. The company claim in their lawsuit that Kanye’s promises of having a business partnership were solely to take advantage of this secretive tech. The company is reportedly seeking $20M in damages.