A few days ago, Justin Bieber announced that he would be teaming up with Crocs to unveil an exclusive new collaboration, immediately causing a noted jump of 11% in the Crocs stock price. Following an initial tease on his Instagram page, Bieber has lifted the veil on the upcoming design, which centers around his own Drew House label. 

Justin Bieber Reveals News Crocs
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Judging from Bieber’s latest IG uploads, the Croc itself is a deep yellow, adorned with charms of a rainbow, a teddy bear, a pizza slice, and the Drew House logo. And though the reveal was not, in fact, a Croc, but rather a photorealistic cake, Bieber confirms that the design is very real. “I’ve been wearing Crocs since the beginning of time and see now, I have my own design,” he says. “See there, I did a little rhyme. I did a collab with me, Drew House, with Crocs, and it’s going to be coming really soon.”

For those interested in copping a pair, the Bieber Crocs are set to drop on Tuesday, October 13th, for the retail price of $54.99 USD. It’s unclear as to whether Bieber’s design will prove as successful as Post Malone’s, though it’s clear what style of footwear the pop icons of today tend to favor. Case in point, Bad Bunny also joined the Crocs family with his own custom design, furthering the notion that the brand is playing with some heavy hitters these days. 

Check out a closer look at the upcoming Bieber Crocs below, and should you be looking to secure a pair, be ready to fend off bots with the ferocity that would leave the mild-mannered and jovial Bieber dumbstruck.