If and when the NBA season comes to a close, Ja Morant will probably end up walking away with rookie of the year honors. He has been phenomenal for the Memphis Grizzlies and his talents have helped turn the Grizzlies into a playoff team. Prior to this season, Morant played college basketball for Murray State which is located in Kentucky. Morant loved his time in Murray, and now, he is trying to create some valuable social change in the area.

Recently, Morant sent a letter to a judge in Kentucky asking for a Confederate statue in downtown Murray to be removed. As Morant notes, the Confederacy was quite racist and while the statue reminds us of history, it’s a history that is shrouded in hate, and ultimately, it makes many uncomfortable.


Morant’s sentiment is one that has been shared by many throughout the world over the past few weeks. With protests against racial inequality spreading throughout the country, many are debating the validity of Confederate statues and the flag itself. Morant is well-aware of this fight and his voice is certainly one that could get the attention of lawmakers.

It remains to be seen whether or not his request will be taken seriously, although we can’t help but comment Morant for his efforts.