You already know how things get when people start ranking rappers’ albums, so buckle up for the ride. Drake is one of the most celebrated artists of our generation, and when his discography becomes the topic of music conversations, debates ensure. People can be quite passionate about ranking the rapper’s catalog, and now OVO Sound’s Noah Shebib, also known as 40, is out here stirring the pot after he shared his list, ranking Drake’s albums.

Drake's Albums Ranked By Noah "40" Shebib, Later Says "I Don't Stand By That"
David Livingston / Stringer / Getty Images

Here’s how Noah Shebib placed Drake’s records, from best to worst, in a recnet interview: “So Far Gone, Take Care, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Scorpion, Nothing Was The Same, Views, Thank Me Later.” The producer has worked on all of Drake’s projects, but Carl Chery, Creative Director and Head of Urban Music over at Spotify, later told him that he needed to put more respect on Nothing Was the Same in a comment on DJ Akademiks’s Instagram post.

Shebib explained why he placed each record in their spots and agreed that he would’ve switched things up under different circumstances.. “Yo @carlchery I was driving when he asked that question😆 I would never have NWTS that low. Some days that’s my favourite project we did but it’s whatever lol I have different reasons for why I’m attached to different projects then everyone else and that’s understandable but that list ain’t right I don’t stand by that. And also I ain’t giving a list cause as I said I have a different perspective 😌🙏🏼.” How would you rank Drake’s records?