Kawhi Leonard has been one of the most memeable athletes in the world over the past year and much of it has to do with his deadpan delivery when talking. Leonard never says anything wrong but it’s the way he says it that gets people excited and talking. Perhaps Leonard’s first real foray into memehood was when he had his first press conference with the Toronto Raptors and gave us his signature laugh which still gets heavily memed to this day. 

At the beginning of this season, Leonard gave us yet another great meme when he went in front of the Clippers crowd and in the most robotic way possible, said “hey hey hey.” It’s a pretty mundane phrase but, of course, Twitter did their thing and turned it into a huge joke. Last night, Leonard’s teammate Lou Williams spoke to the crowd to wish them a happy thanksgiving and once again, the “hey hey hey” meme was brought back from the dead.


The crowd seemed to love the reference and at this point, it doesn’t seem like this meme is showing any signs of slowing down. Leonard is one of the most beloved players in the league and his teammates aren’t shy about the relentless teasing. It also helps that the Clippers are having a great season so far. Their chemistry seems pretty great and they’re not worried about some harmless ribbing every now and then.