Protests continue to manifest throughout the United States in light of the police killing of George Floyd. People have had enough of police brutality and are trying to make a genuine change so that these incidents never happen again. However, some people have been hijacking the movement to cause mischief and vandalism. 

Last night in New Mexico, UFC legend Jon Jones went out and took matters into his own hands as he confronted vandals on the street and took paint cans away from them. In the clip below, Jones can be seen going off on those who would rather cause destruction than make a real difference. He also offered his take on what’s happening through a strongly worded caption.

Per Jones:

“Is this shit even about George Floyd anymore?!? Why the fuck are you punk ass teenagers destroying our cities!?? 🤬🤬 As a young black man trust me I’m frustrated as well but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse. If you really got love for your city (505), protect your shit. All you old heads need to speak up, call your young family members and tell them to come home tonight.”

Throughout the next few days, we will surely see protests continue to ramp up all across the country. With this in mind, we urge those protesting to stay safe and that we support them during this time.