Delonte West had a fairly eventful NBA career although unfortunately, there were times where he struggled with his mental health. West was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder although he is adamant that he was misdiagnosed. The last time the former star hit the court was back in 2015 when he was playing in the D-League. Now, he is 36 years old and fans haven’t really been hearing from him lately.

Over the weekend, some disparaging images hit the internet of West sitting on the ground in some dirtied clothes, while looking disheveled and disoriented. The photos hit social media and fans were rushing to see if it really was West in the photos. Based on the tattoos, it appears as though it really is West, although his condition is unknown. Fans are speculating that his mental illness has left him broke and homeless, which would be a sad development for someone who had so much potential.

West has yet to comment on these photos so it’s important not to cast too much judgment just yet, as the full story behind these photos hasn’t been revealed. Hopefully, West is doing alright and is getting the help he needs should he require any.

It’s sad to see any former athlete in a bad state so we hope he can shed some light on this soon.