Valentine’s Day may be over but love remains firmly on Trippie Redd’s brain. With his deluxe version of A Love Letter To You 4 set to arrive tomorrow, complete with a respectable eight new tracks, we’re already getting a sneak peek at what can be expected. Arriving in select international markets is a new collaboration between two lovestruck young lads, which is to say Chance and Trippie, appropriately titled “I Love You.” Not to be confused with the Barney theme song of the same name, this particular anthem derives heavily from the Emo Rap Playbook, employing saccharine lyrics and heart-wrenching guitar licks.

While that may sound some type of way on paper, both Trippie and Chance are talented enough to pull it off with conviction. Though the latter has become somewhat of a poster boy for monogamous love, perhaps even to the point of parody, it’s refreshing to hear him inject the genre with some genuine positivity. On the other hand, Trippie seems content to wallow in the fallout of unrequited love, as covered in chapter three of the aforementioned Emo Rap Playbook: “Loving and Loathing.”

Quotable Lyrics

Baby, you my world
You stay through thick and thin, because you thorough
I like to treat you, ’cause you sweeter than a churro