The Florida rapper has just dropped his latest track, comically-titled “life? … lol.” Taking a departure from his usual sound, Pouya gives a softer, more gentle delivery in his rhymes. In arguably his best work yet, the rapper tells the story of a relationship gone wrong, possibly alluding to his brief split from Instagram model Baby Coco this summer, though he recently announced on Instagram that the two have gotten back together. Singer Rocci compliments Pouya’s heartbreak with his airy, sky high voice, and each element of the song—from the production, to the warm guitar, to the flow change halfway through—work together in harmony.

The 7-minute track is accompanied by a 10-minute video, a bizarre narrative that portrays Pouya as wheelchair-bound, living in a hazy, trailer park fever dream. At first, the young woman starring in the video appears to be his girlfriend, but as the mind-boggling story proceeds to show her taking care of him by spoon-feeding him Spaghettios and giving him sponge baths in the kiddie pool outside, she could just as easily be his mother or caretaker. The most disturbing and yet captivating part of the video occurs when this woman brings home a man named “Princess” who takes a special interest in Pouya and, in the most outlandish move of the whole video, places his jeans over Pouya’s head. While the visual is confusing and uncomfortable, it leaves an impression, and the simple beauty of the song somehow works perfectly with these jarring images.

Quotable Lyrics

You don’t know what you got until it’s gone, that’s the realest cliché that I ever heard
And to be honest
Nothing is promised and nothing is fair and that makes me sick to my stomach, wishin’ it was
Time is the only thing that really expires