The Los Angeles Lakers have had so many ups and downs this season that it’s impossible to really tell at this point whether or not they’ll be able to make the playoffs are not. They were as high as fourth place in the Western Conference but as soon as LeBron James got injured, they ultimately started to tank and are now three games outside of a playoff spot in 10th place. One of the issues that has been rumored is a riff between the players and head coach Luke Walton. While many are denying that’s true, there is no denying that Walton’s days are probably numbered.

After the Lakers loss against the Pelicans this weekend, it appeared as though the team bus left without Walton. Now, no, it doesn’t mean Walton is on his way out but seeing this is just a testament to what kind of season it’s been for the Lakers so far.

“So this was interesting. I was talking to some SKC staffers I know as the Lakers’ team bus is pulling off. Suddenly, Luke Walton comes around the corner. Bus gone,” David Grubb wrote on Twitter. “It had to come back for the coach. Damn shame.”

The Lakers are now at a record of 29-30. If they fail to reach the playoffs, this will be the first time since 2005 that LeBron hasn’t played in the postseason.