James Harden Debuts New Move In Preseason Opener: NBA Twitter Reacts

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Harden's one-legged three-pointer leaves fans scratching their heads.

Houston Rockets All Star James Harden has been working on a one-foot jumper this off-season and he wasted little time debuting the new move during the team's preseason opener against the Shanghai Sharks.

As seen in the video below, Harden broke out the bizarre looking jump shot right in front of the Rockets' bench, but the shot clanked off the iron. 

The Beard is one of the craftiest scorers in the league and he's got plenty of tricks in his bag but this new shot just looks incredibly awkward. A lefty jumping off his left foot and fading to his right on a three-point attempt? There has to be a better way to score the basketball.

That said, if there's anyone that could routinely pull off such a head-scratching shot, it's James Harden. When asked about the one-legged three, Harden says, "it's already natural," although he noted that he doesn't need that shot in his repertoire. 

"It's already natural," Harden said, per ESPN's Tim MacMahon. "It's a shot that I work on, just like the step-back. You make shots, you miss shots, just have confidence and shoot it."

"I don't need it, I don't need it," Harden said. "I can create shots and shoot shots whenever I want -- obviously I try to do it in the flow of the offense. Whether it's the step-back or the one-legged shot, I'll be able to get my shot off. I'm able to create enough space to shoot over the defender. So I don't need it."

Check out some of the reactions to Harden's new move, as well as some proposed nicknames, below.

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