EarthGang Laugh Maniacally All The Way To The “Bank”

Is there anything EarthGang can’t do?

BYMitch Findlay
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Wowgr8 and Olu have officially blessed us with EarthGang's Dreamville debut, the magical MirrorLand. Already garnering praise as an album of the year contender, the mystical project offers up a variety of different sounds, from the experimental to the straight-up hard. Ant Chambers and Big Korey play the tour guide, laying down a simplistic yet ridiculously effective piano banger, the perfect backdrop for both EarthGang rappers to flex their prowess.

Though largely seen as enlightened beings, "Bank" serves as a stern reminder that EarthGang can and will outrap the competition is need be; how else do you think they caught J. Cole's attention? It's hard to say which of the two men emerge with the standout performance, as they seem to operate as a two-pronged attack; by the time Olu closes out the track with some straight-up falsetto bars, it's become abundantly clear that no games are being played. If you're on the fence about diving into such a layered conceptual voyage, treat yourself with a quick listen to "Bank." You won't be disappointed.

Quotable Lyrics

I turn you to Swiss for the cheddar
I do this shit for my ancestors
Like fuck your parameters, I push the boundaries
Your bitch gon' fuck me 'cause I'm who you tryna be
Used to want jewelry, now I got properties

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