Kendrick Lamar – Backwards Feat. Tame Impala

Kendrick Lamar teams up with the critically acclaimed psychedelic band, Tame Impala, to work on “Backwards;” a new track which will appear on the “Divergent” soundtrack.

Kendrick Lamar – Backwards Feat. Tame Impalablur mask

Tame Impala, a quircky, indie/psychedelic rock band hailing from Australia, isn't the most obvious choice for a collab. with Kendrick, but given that the track is for the soundtrack to the upcoming film adaptation of "Divergent" (another fantasy book directed toward tween girls), perhaps words like "conventional" should be thrown out the window, as the soundtrack doesn't seem like a normal outlet for either artists.

Of course, Kendrick has never limited his collaborations to the obvious choices. Remember that track he did with Imagine Dragons? With Tame Impala, Kendrick harnesses an angry voice over the typical, technical chord trickery of which Tame Impala specializes.

Of course, the Divergent soundtrack also features that song with Chance and Pia Mia, which can be heard here.

Quotable Lyrics:

No rules,
now feel the energy we go through
I told you
Put my fists like I'm supposed to
I showed you
My vision of the unsocial


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