Sarah Denton, most known as one half of the old school rap duo Salt-N-Pepa, is dipping into the world of reality television. The entertainer, who has recurring appearances on Growing Up Hip Hop, shocked some of her fans with details about her love life. In a teaser for the show’s fourth season, the rapper revealed that she is dating her former bodyguard, Aundre Dean, who also happens to be one of the artists she mentors. The age gap is also part of the reason for some viewer’s shock. She is 51 years old while her new boo is 29.

“I’m at my Malibu home for my staycation with someone very special,” she said in her confessional scene. “Now, I’m dating Aundre who used to be my bodyguard. It’s good for me. It feels good. It feels right.” 

Sandra "Pepa" Denton's Love Life Surprises "Growing Up Hip Hop" Viewers
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Her newfound happiness came with its own set of challenges. In June 2018, reports detailed how the entertainer got roped into her boyfriend’s divorce proceedings for having “decided to make their relationship public on social media and on their reality show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ which has caused some public black-lash [sic], as Aundre is still legally married with a pregnant wife.”

At the time of the filing, his then-pregnant wife expressed distress. “He abandoned me and our one-year-old son and cheated on me with another woman. He has not paid any support and I am the victim of domestic violence, and there is currently a TRO in place.”