This police are still looking for a fourth suspect in XXXTENTACION’s murder. Last week, police apprehended a man by the name of Robert Allen as the third suspect in the case. However, it turns out that Allen’s attorney has filed documents to get himself removed from the case due to a “conflict of interest.”

Robert Allen is currently being represented by an attorney from the Public Defender’s office but according to The Blast, his lawyer wants to be removed from the case. The Law Office of the Public Defender in Robert Allen’s case has requested to be withdrawn as his attorney due to a conflict of interest. Documents said Allen was indigent (can’t afford a lawyer) and he was assigned representation from the Public Defender’s Office. The office said they already represent the first suspect that was apprehended, Dedrick Williams. They said they’ve had numerous conversation with Williams in regards to XXXTENTACION’s murder case.

The office claims the “interests of Mr. Williams are adverse to the interest of Mr. Allen and this adverse interest should be the subject of effective cross-examination.”

A hearing for the representation is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1st.

Robert Allen was the latest suspect to be found. Allen was arrested on July 25th after he was found hiding at his sister’s house in a rural part of Georgia. Allen’s facing charges of first degree murder and robbery with an firearm.