Locksmith Shifts Reality In "Rederik" Visuals

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Don't get dizzy.

Locksmith dropped one of the most underrated projects of 2018 with ALILock's fourth studio album was an exercise in lyrical ability, and the production walked the thin line between commercial and street perfectly. Hailing from the Bay Area, Locksmith has touched down with new visuals for his standout single "Rederik," and the head-spinning visuals fit the tempo and energy of the track immaculately. 

The entire video is shot on an empty lot with graffiti painting the landscape. It appears that director Jesse Ray Diamond used a drone camera and a rig, and programmed positions for the devices to zoom at a rapid pace. Mixed with insane after effect scene switches and clone dynamics, Locksmith's "Rederik" is a creative monument that is simple yet genius. The jumping, twisting, spiraling, and swirling visuals are a wonder to behold. If you haven't given ALI a spin yet, it's not too late. 

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