Teairra Marí may have kept her cool & shown grace in her Instagram message to fans, but the opposite may be true if a TMZ report is to be believed. The report seems to indicate Teairra may have taken a metal pole to her ex-lover’s Mercedes G-Wagon; There are pictures to prove it. As of this writing, Akbar Abdul-Ahad has not pressed charges for her single act of vandalism. He also continues to deny any participation in the leak, but never the less confirms he is the “supporting actor” in the aforementioned video.

The incident began at a North Hollywood Gym where he regularly trains. At a security guard’s insistence, Akbar Abdul-Ahad left his workout to ascertain the situation outside. The hot tip allowed him to catch girlfriend Teairra red-handed. The photos obtained by TMZ display one broken windshield and a second beginning to crack. The alleged attack is without question linked to Sex Tape leaks from a few days ago. Naturally, Teairra blamed the only person belonging to her sacred vault. For what it’s worth, Teairra has been suspiciously quiet since daybreak. Her reaction to a violation of this kind, is well within the bounds of reason, his windshield an easier fix than her inextinguishable state of embarrassment.