eBay is a world of its own. You can find some of the most obscure items hidden within the auction-based website. In 1995, Iranian-French computer programmer Pierre Omidyar created a website where people could initiate personal auctions. At first, he auctioned off a broken laser pointer, which someone purchased. Omidyar was shocked that anyone would buy a broken product, but the winning bidder stated that he collected broken laser pointers. That’s how a billion-dollar business begins. Since its inception, collectors have been using eBay to auction off some of the world’s rarest items (and also some of the most unimaginative). Just a month ago, the infamous Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was auctioned off by Martin Shkreli on eBay for a million dollars. If you dive deeper into eBay’s endless content, much more interesting hip-hop relics can be purchased.

At first glance, the hip-hop items that are up for grabs are mostly articles of clothing that some sweaty rapper threw into the audience. Or, do you remember last year when a bag of air from Kobe’s last game was auctioned off on eBay? The bids reached $15,000 before it was shut down. Vintage concert tickets and posters are also a top seller on eBay. Music fans love to collect relics of the past, a piece of history that can never be duplicated. Even hip-hop fashion attracts millions of eBay users. Resales of Kanye West’s Yeezy sneakers, which retail for between $250-$350, have reached auction prices of $50,000. Authenticated signatures and bizarre second-use items have also sold for exorbitant amounts. Ellen DeGeneres auctioned off clippings of Justin Bieber’s hair for over $40,000. Pharrell’s famous brown fedora, which he wore at the 2014 Grammys, went for $44,100!

Currently, there are some gems floating around on eBay, if you have the bank to afford them. Here is a list of the best hip-hop relics for sale on eBay right now.