With Florida being home to so many prominent up-and-comers, it’s easy to forget that Denzel Curry has been killing the scene (and beyond) for years. With his highly-anticipated Taboo album coming soon, it seems like Denzel is poised to solidify himself as one of the game’s most talented young artists. At once equally lyrical and energetic, Denzel Curry’s sound has been influential in shaping the current Floridian sonic aesthetic, whether you want to admit it or not. Now, the rapper has teamed up with Montreality to speak on a variety of topics, including living with XXXTentacion, his regrets about comparing himself to Kendrick Lamar, and more. 

He reveals that X used to live with him, and Denzel tried to play a mentorship role. “I always tried to keep X out of trouble,” explains Denzel. He talks about throwing an epic party at the “ULT house,” during which he first met X & Ski Mask. Eventually, Denzel reached out to X to put in some work, which led to them forging a business relationship as well as a friendship. If you’re interested in the Florida rap scene, it’s actually a dope story to check out in full (it starts at the nine minute mark). “X got into some type of trouble,” says Denzel. “I was like yo, you can stay at the crib, and I’ll keep you out of trouble.” He goes on to get deep with it, stating “anybody who’s portrayed as the abuser is the abused…really you’re just a hurt child on the inside.”

He also shows some love to Dragon Ball Z, and talks a little bit about why he’s drawn to Goku. “Goku had trials and tribulations before becoming stronger, and that’s what every character goes through. My trials and tribulations is I want to get stronger because not a lot of people notice me and not a lot of people understand me…The strong, and the people who do stuff for justice always get overlooked, until they go to the extreme…Goku just displayed that.”

For more from Denzel, be sure to catch the whole interview below. 

Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry Talks Living With XXXTentacion, Love Of Goku & More