Wara From The NBHD "Beige" Video

Wara From The NBHD shares the video for "Beige," a track from his upcoming mixtape "Kidnapped."

Both of the tracks we've heard from Wara From The NBHD's upcoming mixtape, Kidnapped, were grimy, menacing and above all, great. With "Beige," a track from the project that's just gotten a video, we get to see another side of the Brooklyn-via-Atlanta artist.

Though Wara's love for Pharrell's production work was obvious on "Scrilla" and "Squeal," those songs recalled his spine-tingling work with The Clipse, and "Beige" definitely has more in common with N*E*R*D.

It's also probably the most happy-go-lucky song I've ever heard that references the color of crack rocks in its chorus. 

Stay tuned for Kidnapped, which drops on July 29th.


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