We recently had the chance to chop it up with Wale while he was back in the DMV area, and the MMG rapper spoke about his recent mixtape release and while he felt the need to offer fans free music, as well as the album that will follow the mixtape: The Album About Nothing.

Wale reveals that despite urges from his bawse Rick Ross and Jay (Z) to not drop a free mixtape, the rapper needed too. "I feel a little uncomfortable when I don't give people [music]," Wale said. "Jay and Ross, they was like, don't drop no free project, I'm just like I can't even sleep at night, I have too. I'm sleeping better now, I'm sleeping 'til 9 o'clock in the morning. Before I was waking up like...I'm a studio rat."

As for the album, Wale promises it'll be his best yet. "This is the most creative musical experience I've ever tried to offer. One of those things that you gunna get this joint or you not. A lot of people ain't gunna get it, but the people that get it are gunna say it's genius. This is my moment to show what I can do from a music director standpoint."

When asked about his single, "Body," which has been out for some time now, Wale revealed a desire to distance the single from his LP. He told us, "I'm on some renegade shit, I might take "Body" off my album. Me and my label are talking about. I want all new records, even the single.

He added, "What're we here for? What kinda message am I sending if I'm chasing radio. This is the most creative project of my life...It fits the concept of the album but I just wanna be like fuck that, give them all new records."

Finally, after reports that he was working with J. Cole a while back, the rapper confirms with us that Cole is featured on a hook on The Album About Nothing. "Festivus ain't nothing compared to it. It's all me right now. I ain't have no features on it, except Jeremih. And J. Cole did a hook. It's all me right now."

Watch the full interview below, and grab the Festivus mixtape below.